What to do in Comines?

Take advantage of the various routes to discover the city, to get some fresh air or to do some physical activity. Here are several routes to take to visit historical places and to discover the architecture of the monuments.

First of all, here are 3 routes for running or walking, which are available directly on the website of the Comines-Warneton tourist office.

If you’re a thrill-seeker, check out the activities at Ice Mountain Adventure Park. Located 4 minutes away by car, at 16 Rue de Capelle in Comines, this complex offers an artificial and covered ski slope on which it is possible to ski, snowboard as well as buoy. You will also find adventure courses, a laser game, paintball and archery adventure (paintball with bows). Finally, don’t miss the famous Indoor Skydiving, their hair-raising free-fall simulator.  

Ski and Snowboard


Accro adventure



Archery adventure


Play an Escape Game…. in the open air ! More information on their website.

Com'in & Escape

Located 20 minutes by car from Comines, the Bellewaerde amusement park and the Aquapark await young and old. Discover fantastic worlds and get away from it all ! 


Enjoy the peace and quiet of the Belgian countryside while discovering the various historical routes in the village ! 

Comines through the streets

This cross-border tour, which lasts 1.5 hours, will take you through the streets of Comines and its historical monuments such as Place Saint-Anne, Rue du Château and the bust of Philippe Commynes.

Dive into the last century and through “Comines au fil des rues de Saint-Chrysole à Saint-Chrysole” (Comines along the streets of Saint-Chrysole to Saint-Chrysole) relive the development of the town of Comines through the years.

Warneton over the years

Trace the history of Warneton with this historical tour. In 1h45, discover the town where the lordship and the castellany used to be. The Rue de la Châtellenie, the Chemin des 7 Glides and the Goldtschalck rampart will seduce you with their historical and symbolic aspects. Don’t wait, “Warnetonaufildutemps, Seigneurie…Chatellenie…Ville…” (Warneton over the years…Seigniory…Castellany…Town) is waiting for you.

Le bizet

Le Bizet…ou les briques s’imbriquent” (The Bizet… where the bricks fit together) wants to show the architecture of the houses and monuments of the city. Nothing has been done at random, everything has been thought out. There is only one way to discover it, go for it!

beauty, classicism, bourgeoisie, grandeur

The architecture of a city that is worth contemplating is what “Beauté, Classicisme, Bourgeoisie, Grandeur” (Beauty, Classicism, Bourgeoisie, Grandeur) seeks to communicate to us. The details change from one monument to another, will you be able to discern them?

Comines on German time

Situated on the border between Belgium and France, Comines was occupied by the Germans for 4 years from 1918. This history is reflected in its streets, places and monuments. The cross-border tour « Comines à l’heure Allemande” (Comines on German time), a visually touching story, reminds us of a tragic past.

Ploegsteert through memory

Don’t forget, that’s the motto of the historical tour “Ploegsteert au fil de la mémoire, histoire d’enseignes…” (Ploegsteert in the memory, history of signs…). Discover the Place de Rabecque, The Strand or the Rue de la Munque and participate in the perpetuation of the memory of Ploegsteert.


Once upon a time, the past was still alive ! “Le Musée de la Rubanerie Cominoise” is a place where history lives ! Discover 850 years of Cominese textile tradition by visiting this museum ! 

commando bunker kemmel

Visit the history of a bunker that survived the war!

mémorial ploegsteert

A way to remember the sacrifice of all soldiers during the war. 

The Soete Mill

You won’t see many windmills like this around here. A visit to the Soete mill is a perfect way to discover the architecture and history of the buildings in our region. 


Kemmelberg holds many secrets of history and it is up to you to discover them!